How To Remove Foursquare Updates from your Facebook News feed?

Anna asked us the following question:

How do I permanently remove the Foursquare updates on my Facebook Feed?

Foursquare lets its users post their Check-ins to Facebook. If a lot of your friends are posting their check-ins to your Facebook feeds – It could become annoying. Follow the steps below to remove Foursquare updates on Facebook.

  • Log on to Facebook and get into the news feed.
  • Hover your mouse towards right side of a Foursquare update on your feed until you see an (x).
  • Now, click on the (x) and select ‘Hide all by Foursquare’. Doing this hides all Foursquare status updates permanently.

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  1. dristik says:

    How do i delete a foursquare account? I feel i want to remove myself completely from that social network.

  2. Dear Dristik,

    Read the article in the link for information regarding your Foursquare account deletion.

    Hope this helps!

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