Skype blames Windows Update for massive outage

I was astonished to read today over at the Skype blog that the major Skype last week’s outage root cause was the fact that many Windows users rebooted their PCs in a very short timeframe after receiving patches  sent out on “Patch Tuesday” from Windows Update.

Millions of Skype subscribers (paid and free) can’t accept such a lame answer.

I was wondering whether we should expect such outages following the release of Service Release 3 for Windows XP, or other major Windows updates. In addition, i believe the Skype team needs to improve the communication of any service disruption to its users. I know more than 10 Skype users that spent more than half an hour each trying to to tweak their PCs in order to fix what turned out to be a major outage. I hope the Skype team should sit and do their homework on those”unseen bugs”, as last week’s outage was the culprit of Skype’s inconsistent service levels that pissed many of its corporate users off. 

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  1. Traveller says:

    That’s such a crappy excuse! I think they picked Window Update as an excuse, because no one really minds when people make Microsoft the scape-goat for almost anything (some they deserve, others they don’t).

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