The best Weather gadgets for your Vista sidebar

A quick review of the best Weather Vista sidebar gadgets

You guys know i love Vista sidebar gadgets. Not too long ago i reviewed a couple of nifty GMail gadgets for Vista, and today is the weather gadgets turn.

As announced, in the upcoming weeks i will be reviewing the best Vista gadgets, and today i would like to start by looking into some extra cool weather gadgets you can easily incorporate into your sidebar.

So here are my best 4 Weather gadgets:

1. Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget

This beautiful easy-to-configure gadget displays  local weather forecast and severe weather alert information on your sidebar. For some reason the city locator doesn’t find Tel Aviv (the large city i live nearby), but i still like this one.

2. WeatherBug

This nice gadget displays live weather conditions for anywhere in the world on your Sidebar. Delivers detailed forecasts, radar, weather cameras, and severe weather alerts from any of WeatherBug’s 8,000 Tracking Stations.  The Extended Forecast link is currently broken, but i am sure that this will be fixed ASAP.

3. The WeatherEye Gadget for Vista

Although a bit large, this is a nice and functionally rich gadget. I encountered a few bugs in the city search, but i am convinced they will be fixed. In case you have available space in your sidebar, this is definitely a gadget you should consider.

4.® Forecast Gadget

IMHO, this is the best looking weather gadget. Among its features:Up-to-date severe and winter weather alerts, Current Conditions (worldwide), 5-day forecasts (worldwide), Instant access to weather videos, Severe weather alerts (U.S. locations). The only drawback i found is the lack of tooltips, which makes the initial configuration process a bit annoying.


So what are your preferred Vista gadgets?

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  1. The weather site is for Toronto and I live in Kingston Ontario . How do I change this.

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