A realistic valuation model for blogging ventures

Lately, we have seen some attempts to calculate the net worth of some successfully blogging ventures. As I believe this is an interesting matter, I developed a more realistic and quantitative approach based on the well known Profit and Loss statement, that you can use in order to assess the real value of your blogging venture. I also built an online tool , named the Blog Valuation calculator, that you can use to actually implement my valuation model.

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Launching EasyTweaks.com – calling all bloggers

I hope all is fine wherever you are. Week ending tomorrow was a busy one. Except the normal stuff at work and in this blog, i set up a new web site named EasyTweaks.com.

Built on WordPress 2.1.3, EasyTweaks.com will deal exclusively with tips and tricks aimed to help you make the most of your PC. More specifically, we will be dealing with Windows, Office, Google, browsers and security specific issues.

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