How to delete a Friendster profile?

Question: Arun asks: Most of my acquaintances are on Orkut and Facebook, so i simply don’t have time to follow up on my Friendster profile any more. Can you help me deleting my Friendster web page? Answer: Thanks Arun for the question. With the plethora of social networks available online, it’s hard to be able … Read more

How to hide your hi5 friends?

Question: Here’s one from Danny – Hey nice codes over there. I was wondering whether you can provide us with the CSS codes needed to hide the Hi5 friends section? Answer: Thanks for the question Danny. All you’ll need to do is to grab the code from below, then login to Hi5, hit Edit Profile … Read more

How to make your LinkedIn profile public?


I have a linkedin profile in which i specified all my personal and professional details i would like to publish over the web. Now, i am interested to publish my linkedin page over the web, so every time someone googles my name he/she will have my profile listed in the search engine results. How to make it happen?

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How to delete a LinkedIn account?

Normally, joining a social network is an easy process. What pisses me off is that apparently, some social networks (like LinkedIn) do not offer a straightforward path for leaving them. Read more on the process for deleting your LinkedIn account (info is given although i don’t encourage anybody to leave LinkedIn, which is a relatively effective social network).