How to change your email address on Facebook?

Changed your e-mail id for good but don’t know how to incorporate it into your Facebook account? Here’s how you do it:

1) Click on the settings link located at the top right corner of your profile page.
2) You would see a heading by the name “E-Mail”, Click on “Change” link next to it.
3) Enter your new mail id in the text box. You would be prompted to enter your Facebook password. Enter your Facebook password and hit the confirm button.
4) You would be sent a confirmation mail for the same in your new mail – id. In case you change your mind you can cancel the request by clicking on Cancel request link!

2 thoughts on “How to change your email address on Facebook?”

  1. Hi, My son signed up for facebook using another boys e-mail address. When he forgot his passwordfacebook sent it to his friends e-mail account but his friend no longer has this e-mail account and can not remember his password to try to obtain access to the e-mail account. How can i either delete my son’s facebook account to start a new one. or change the pasword with out facebook sending the new password to the wrong e-mail address. please help. mom

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