How to delete Badoo account and remove its updates from Facebook?

Here’s a question from Tanya,

I had created a Badoo account long time back, and I still get its updates on my Facebook feed. How can delete the account and remove it from Facebook?

Thanks for the question, Tanya. Removing a Badoo account is relatively easy, and requires only a few steps,

  • Log in to your Badoo account using your Facebook credentials (there’s a Login using Facebook button on Badoo’s homepage).
  • Click on the Settings link at the top right corner of your Badoo profile (just before Sign out).
  • Look for the Delete profile link on the left sidebar. When you click it, Badoo will instead ask you to hide your profile. Ignore that, and click on Continue deleting profile.



  • On the final page, you will asked to enter your Badoo password and a reason for removing your profile. Do note that your Badoo password is NOT the same as your Facebook password, even though you actually signed up for Badoo using Facebook! Actually when you first create a Badoo account through Facebook, Badoo emails you a separate password for its account that you can use to directly log in in future. That mail must be somewhere in your inbox / email archives, and you will have to search it up. If you don’t find it, reset your Badoo password by signing out and clicking on the Forgot password link.
  • Once you’ve acquired your Badoo password, go to the Profile deletion page again, follow the steps, enter your password in the final step, and click the Ok, I am ready. Delete my profile. button.


  • Badoo will keep your profile in a hibernating state for 30 days, just in case you want to recover it (they will mail you the links), after which the profile will be gone forever.

Now that you’ve deleted your Badoo account, it’s time to block the Badoo app on Facebook (so that you stop getting all crazy updates and requests). Go to the Badoo app’s page and click on the Block App towards the bottom of the left sidebar. Confirm your action, and you’re done. Smile

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