How to delete a youtube video?

Jon asks: How can i delete a few video which were posted on YouTube?


The answer to your question on how to delete YouTube videos depends on who has posted those videos on YouTube.

In case that you posted the videos to YouTube, all you’ll need to do is login to, then Hit “My Account”, then hit “My Videos”, you’ll then see a list of videos that you posted, and you’ll be able to pick which video to remove from YouTube.

In case that someone else posted those videos, unfortunately you won’t be able to delete them on your own. If those videos contain contents which are either your property or were supposed to be private, you should get in contact with YouTube administrators ASAP.

Good Luck!

5 thoughts on “How to delete a youtube video?”

  1. dear youtube,

    im requesting to delete my video there in youtube
    coz i did not give a permetion to past that video of what has posted in there is not true i hope you grant my request


  2. pls youtube i need ur helpppp!!! i want to delete one video what someone was playin with my couzin on msn cameras pleasee i needd ur help guys. i want this video to be removed pleaseee

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