How to block people on Facebook?


I want to be able to block people on Facebook, so they won’t be able to see my profile not contact me in any way. How do i do that?


Blocking a Facebook user is fairly simple. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Navigate to the Privacy section (link is on the upper right hand side)
  3. Use the Search Box at the Block Users section to find the person/s you’ll like to block.
  4. Click “Block Person“.

A few notes:

  • Be aware to the fact that you can use the Limited Profile feature in order to disallow individuals to access to parts of your profile (Online Status, Basic Info, Contact Info, Education, Friends, Videos etc’) .
  • Unfortunately, you can’t disallow Facebook advertisers from sending your messages to the Mini feeds section.


6 thoughts on “How to block people on Facebook?”

  1. Hi there, I blocked someone facebook. But when I look at my photos, I can see that I am still tagged in one of their albums, why is that?

  2. If i block someone on facebook are they still able to see that i am part of facebook. Or would i be erased from there viewing in total?

  3. Is that possible to block someone who’s blocked me already?
    Somehow I found out I was blocked by someone. I would like to block her as well coz it seems so insecure that She can see me but I can never see her. However, I need to locate her before I block her.

    Thanks so much!

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