How to delete your Facebook account ?

Easily get rid of your Facebook account


Here’s one that i have been increasingly hearing lately: “I am fed of wasting my time over over at Facebook. Can i simply remove my Facebook page? if so, how?”


Apparently, the Facebook account deletion process is straightforward. All you need to do is simply, login to your Facebook account, then click Account and from the Deactivate section choose Deactivate.

That was easy, isn’t it? The only caveat is that Facebook won’t actually wipe out your account but just keep it inactive. Therefore if you want to permanently delete your account, you should manually do the following:

  1. Delete your photo
  2. Delete Comments and messages you wrote
  3. Delete your friends from your friends list.
  4. Leave all your networks and groups you have joined.
  5. Delete all your photo albums.

If you want to reactivate your account, just login to Facebook with your email and password. You’ll be then instructed on the procedure to follow in order to reactivate the account.

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  1. I am trying to put on a video player and a music player on my website. I have tried but can not figure it out. I am fairly new at web design. I use frontpage. I don’t know code I just use the design page in frontpage. Any help would be great.


  2. Please delete my facebook because im receiving messages i dont appreciate people are sending threating messages.

  3. hey.. thats not how to delete a facebook page, thats how to deactivate a facebook profile… thats comepletely different.

  4. hi:} how are you? I wish to delete face book. not indefenently. I couldn’t remember my password.Iwas sent a new one, which face book didn’t like, and I have 6 emails from facebook friends, that I can’t answer, and three are from my brother! Can you please help me:} Debbie

  5. How do you delete a facebook account when you can’t get on your facebook page because you can’t remember your password?

  6. my account attacked by virous bloged me from delete every thing. i cant chat in F.B page .cant viwing my friend pictures…..i wont to delet my account in the way wilnoun ,i can not please delet my account.

  7. I don’t like the idea that having a different password for the facebook account. I understand that there are things that aren’t safe and having too much information. I don’t want to take the risk of getting a virus nor having hackers to deal with. thank you in advance for deleting it ASAP

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