How to make your LinkedIn profile public?


I have a linkedin profile in which i specified all my personal and professional details i would like to publish over the web. Now, i am interested to publish my linkedin page over the web, so every time someone googles my name he/she will have my profile listed in the search engine results. How to make it happen?


A well crafted Linkedin profile can by all means make a great business card. By default, your profile is hidden and won’t appear in web engine searches unless you change its settings. That means that only LinkedIn members can view your details and not the entire world.

Note that before you go on and publish your Linkedin profile on the web, you might want make sure that you allow only relevant parts of your profile to show up in a web search.

  • First login to LinkedIn
  • Then open the My Profiletab
  • Now hit Edit My Public Profile
  • Check the Full View (recommended) button.
  • Now comes the important part – uncheck all profile sections (picturem current positions, Interests, groups etc’) that you don’t want to make public.
  • Hit Save all changes. Voila your Linked profile is now public. Please allow a day or so to appear in Google’s and Yahoo’s search engine results.

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  1. I have never heard of LinkedIn until I read your post how how to make a profile accessible to everyone on the WWW. I set up my profile and took your advice. Thanks for helping me net-work! Thats why we are all here: Create a bigger net-work…”at least the ones who know what they are doing. = )”

  2. How do I remove my linkedin profile from Google? I have already closed my account with linkedin but whenever I do a search on Google it shows that I am a member of linkedin.

    How do I remove my profile from Google?

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