How to remove duplicates from iTunes?


My iTunes library is full of duplicate songs, videos and podcasts. Is there an easy way to remove duplicates from iTunes?


From time to time, my iTunes library gets so bloated with duplicated files and dead tracks that i have no choice to delete duplicates in iTunes. This is quite a simple procedure that you should be doing once in a while:

  • Open your iTunes library.
  • Hit View and then View Duplicates. iTunes will now display the list of duplicates.
  • Hold the ctrl key down and select the duplicates. Please note that iTunes determines that two or more files are duplicates by matching the file name and artist.Two versions of the same song- the album and live versions might be identified as duplicates. Therefore, i recommend that you remove a file duplicate only after comparing the file’s length
  • Click delete

That’s it, your iTunes library is now cleaned from duplicate songs.

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