Launching – calling all bloggers

I hope all is fine wherever you are. Week ending tomorrow was a busy one. Except the normal stuff at work and in this blog, i set up a new web site named

Built on WordPress 2.1.3, will deal exclusively with tips and tricks aimed to help you make the most of your PC. More specifically, we will be dealing with Windows, Office, Google, browsers and security specific issues. will still be featuring tips and tricks but will increasingly deal with Web 2.0 related topics and its implementation in the Enterprise world (AJAX and Enteprise 2.0 will be the focus) and blogging tips.

At this point, i would like to ask for your help in promoting my new web site. There are five main ways you can help:

  • By linking to content posted at
  • By exchanging blogroll links with
  • By adding to your Technorati faves.
  • By subscribing to the full RSS feed
  • By stumbling or digging posts you like.

In case you would like to help , please leave me a quick note with your proposal.

Naturally,the “more you give, the more you get” principle applies here, and therefore all links and subscriptions will be fully reciprocated. I even have 3 Joost accounts i will randomly give away in two weeks from now to people supporting my new web site.

Million Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Launching – calling all bloggers”

  1. Hi Gili,
    I have blogrolled your new blog. Also added to technorati Favs and stumbled it. Can you please stumble and digg my latest story on Blogging tools.

  2. never heard of it til now but i had a look and it seems pretty sweet.
    My mum will be happy, its got Nasa and Al Jazeera. pahh.. boring.. i think ill stick to music.. i wonder if it has mtv..

    yup, just checked..


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